Following a passion for knowledge of different world cultures, 2000 saw Gaudi heading to Africa to experience first hand the lifestyles and culture of indigenous communities. Not only was his time in Burkina Faso a deeply profound experience personally, it was also a time when he connected with many talented musicians and started recording the beginnings of his album "Bass, Sweat & Tears".
The same year Gaudi hooked up with DJ Pathaan - one of the biggest exponents on the World music scene at the time - and their collaborative project Orchestral World Groove "OWG" was born. They produced many tracks which can be found on compilations world-wide and kept a busy tour schedule that built them a loyal following.

Aside from a busy schedule of performances, production and writing, 2001 saw a return to the movies for Gaudi with the remixing and production of a track from the Italian movie " Luna Rossa " by Sergio Capuano which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. He also co-wrote a few tracks for the soundtrack of the movie " Cuore scatenato " by director Gianluca Sodaro , with Raiz and Paolo Polcari from Italian cult band Almamegretta.

Two further movie projects followed in 2002 as Gaudi wrote the soundtracks for "High Speed" by Hollywood director Jeff Jensen and "The Ride" by UK director Andrea Strand . He also wrote the soundtrack for the theatre play " My beautiful laundrette " by Hanif Kureishi . This year also saw the production of the album "Recreational"(Sub Signal 2002) released under the name "Weirdub" one of Gaudi's side projects, this time in collaboration with Dr Cat and Polcari and featuring bass legend Bill Laswell.
2003 started very well with Gaudi producing for legendary band Simple Minds, a version of "The man who sold the world" (written by David Bowie). This work highlighted Gaudi to Jim Kerr with whom he then became involved with on another project called "Innerworld" (Absolutely Records).

Gaudi worked on a number of different projects at this time and a significant one being the final touches to his fifth solo album "Bass, Sweat & Tears". Gaudi also found new ground to break in the form of a collaboration with Italian classical composer Massimo Nunzi on a symphonic/jazz interpretation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" for 20 piece Jazz/Classical orchestra infused with electronica.

Gaudi's most prized project to date came when he remixed the track "Soul shake down party" (Universal Music) by reggae legend Bob Marley. Colaborations continued, with artists such as The Egg, Red Seal, Tripswitch, Ojos de Brujo and Sounds from the Ground. On the live front Gaudi made a unique collaboration with French musical inventor Michel Moglia and his unique self-built 20 ton instrument The Fire Organ (www.orgue-a-feu.com). They created a spectacular one-off performance at Rome's greatest landmark The Coliseum - where they presented their composition 'Elemental' to an international audience of more than 350,000.

Gaudi's 5th solo album "Bass, Sweat & Tears", was released worldwide by Interchill Records in 2004. This album is a fusion of dub and nu-beat with a global mix of influences. Deep sensual bass-lines and seductive rhythms unify the album giving it what is now a trademark 'Gaudi flavour'. Bass Sweat & Tears was a great success and is still the label's best selling release to date; It reached no.2 in the iTunes European Chart and no.32 in iTunes USA . Tracks from the album are featured in at least 60 compilations and 3 film soundtrack licenses were signed - the track 'Sufani' was featured on Pooja Bhaat's Bollywood 'film noir' "Rog" and Deepak Tijori's Film "Fareb" and the track 'Chant Thermique' was featured on the award winning soundtrack for the movie "Let it Ride" about the life of snowboarding legend Craig Kelly.

2004 started strongly when the Phunk Investigation remix of Gaudi's track "Sufani" was released on vinyl and went straight to no.1 in several dj and radio charts. Italian rockstar Irene Grandi chose 2 tracks written and produced by Gaudi in a joint project with Riccardo Cavalieri for her double platinum selling album 'Indelebile'. His track 'Lasciala Andare' went straight into the Italian charts and stayed there for 4 months in the top 10.

2005 saw Gaudi's tour schedule start to ramp up - performing both solo and with his band "Gaudi - Live Dub Laboratory" - gaining new fans at clubs and festivals around the UK and Europe. It was the start of the 'never ending tour' - as since then Gaudi has been almost continually on the road, on pretty much every continent in the world! He has built up large and loyal fan bases in the USA and Canada as well as back home in Europe. He has, and continues to, fill venues and excite crowds with his innovative and energetic live performances at festivals such as the UK's Glastonbury, Glade and Gatecrasher, the USA's Harmony Festival, Earthdance and Burning Man, Canada's Shambala, Vancouver Jazz Festival and Victoria Ska Festival, Brasil's Universo Paralello and Skol Beat, Australia's Earthcore, Italy's Rototom Reggae Sunsplash and Sonica and Portugals Boom festival... to name but a few.




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