In 1990 Gaudi signed his first major record deal with Polygram for his solo project under the moniker 'Lele Gaudi'. His first single " Maliniconico love" was recorded in London featuring the reggae vocalist Crucial Robbie and the video which followed was given major attention by MTV. His debut album " Basta poco" was released in Italy in 1991. Massive national media exposure culminated in the winning of his first award as "Best Italian New Coming Artist 1991".

Gaudi's second single "1990 anni fa" was released later in the year by Polygram/Mercury and was promptly banned from Vatican City due to its 'sensitive content'. Needless to say this did nothing to harm record sales!

This was the beginning of 4 years of continuous touring and live performances with international reggae stars including: Ziggy Marley, Third World, Sister Carol, I Three, Sweety Irie, Half pint, The Wailers, Yellowman, Freddie Mc Gregor, Mutabaruka, Maxi Priest, Shinehead and Jimmy Cliff . By 1992 Gaudi was becoming an established figure in the Italian music scene and his next single " Magari" was a top ten hit and again the video became a regular on the MTV playlist. 1992 also saw the release of the politically controversial single " Legala" by To-sse , a landmark collaboration between many of the major names in the Italian underground scene of which Gaudi was one.
His second album "Gaudium Magnum" was released, and the tag Lele Gaudi became simply Gaudi. The single " Andavo a 100 all'ora" and the video were well received, also this single reached the top 10.

In 1994 Gaudi's hunger for musical exploration led him to expand his musical arsenal and he took up the theremin which was to become a mainstay in his live performances. Pulling together previous influences and flavours Gaudi started experimenting with using the theremin in dub music, releasing 9 tracks under the name 'Dub Alchemist'.

In order to prevent stagnation and the artistic compromise he had started to encounter in Italy, in 1995 Gaudi made the decision to make London his home (as it still is today) where access to a growing international and more groundbreaking music industry would allow him to continue to develop both artistically and professionally. This was not a decision taken lightly as it meant leaving all previous success behind and practically starting over. The move to London turned out to be the catalyst needed to prompt the start of a key project that was later to become is third solo album "Earthbound".

The early days in London were challenging, with time and energy being split between writing and production and the daunting task of re-establishing a presence in a completely new scene, with new peers and new audiences. Bit by bit however Gaudi the ball rolling again.

Gaudi had laid the foundations for his 'new chapter' and his next task was to set up Metatron Studio London which is still his creative HQ today. At this time he also founded his own dub label Sub Signal. In 1995 Gaudi wrote and produced the concept album "Sound of Anatomy" with Pauli Atzei under the parallel project title "Ultraviolet Zero". It is an ambient psychedelic journey into the human body mixing electronic elements with the sounds and rhythms of the body.

Gaudi had risen to the challenge of re-establishment and in November 1996 he reached No.1 in the UK dance chart with another side project, Terra Terra, remixing Cool Jack 's "Jus' come" (AM PM Records). This was followed in 1997 with No.15 in the UK Chart with Brit-pop band Mansun's "Taxloss" and a No.3 UK chart hit with Peter Andre's "All about us" in 1998.

All this bought Gaudi recognition for his work as a remixer and in the following years he remixed an impressive line up including: Lamb, Simple Minds, Artful Dodger feat. Romina Johnson, Kinobe, Dusted, Trilok Gurtu, 1 giant leap, Africa Bambaataa, Apachi Indian, Shpongle, Almamegretta, Elisa among others.

At this time Gaudi also wrote and produced soundtracks for several TV programs including the "MTV Europe Music Awards 1998", and music for TV commercials for Sony Playstation, Longines watches, Fiat, Seat, Energie, Fiorucci and The Express Newspaper to name a few.

After 3 gold discs and 1 silver, Gaudi's highly acclaimed album "Earthbound" (Bustin' Loose Recordings) was released worldwide. Earthbound is a dub journey and a musical melting pot of influences ranging from Indian ragas to African chanting and from Jamaican toasting to traditional Italian melodies. The album featured 39 artists from around the globe, including ragga star and UK Jungle pioneer General Levy. Earthbound gave Gaudi worldwide sales recognition and the exposure led to many tracks appearing on various compilation albums. Following on from it's success he created Earthbound in Dub (Sub Signal 2000).



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