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Hi Everyone, Gaudi here,

A couple of years have passed since the last Gaudimusic newsletter, lots of tingz have happened after a busy time in the recording studio, touring quite intensively around the world and working on TV show “The Voice” as a vocal coach for two series.

I wanted to start by thanking you all for the great vibes and constant support you’ve showed over the last 2 years of touring (still ongoing) and for all my studio works, particularly for my latest dub album Dub, Sweat & Tears -released last 2014 by Six Degrees Records-, that thanx to your input became a big success; you fully understood how complex has been for me working on this commemorative album, re-opening 10 years old audio-files from my ground-breaking album Bass, Sweat & Tears (Interchill Records 2004) and re-created it “IN DUB”!
Check out the “making of” video here:


After two year of silence with my newsletters, here is a quick update about all my recent studio works:

Album productions “Unfolding” by Danny Ladwa and “Horse Riding To Jupiter” by Loungedelic, produced/wrote tracks for Soom T, Piero Pelu’, Michael Rose, Valentina Parisse, Miss Fritty, Jovine, Giulia Dagani, remixed Sizzla, Dub Pistols, Deep Forest, The Beat, Dub FX, Hang Massive, Caparezza, Kaya Project, Desert Dwellers, Banco De Gaia, Suns Of Arqa, Joujouka, Carbon Based Lifeforms, The Ancient Order, Cian Finn, Hollie Cook, Andy Mason, David Starfire & Natacha Atlas, collaborations with Beats Antique, The Orb, Alborosie, Don Carlos, Ace Ventura, Youth and Tripswitch.

in between times album coverI am excited to finish this email by announcing the release of my new album In Between Times (The Remixes), OUT TODAY 06 May 2016 by Six Degrees Records.
This release includes amazing remix contributions from some of the highest respected electronica producers, such as: Deep Forest, Perfect Stranger, Zion Train, Dub Pistols, Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project, Banco De Gaia, Tsuyoshi Suzuki’s Joujouka, David Starfire, Alexart. 

You can find info here:

and get it from here if u want ;-) :

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/rb3cgv 
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/37qedm 
Bandcamp: https://gaudimusic.bandcamp.com/

Thanx for your continued support.


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1 Jan, The Space, London (England)
13 Feb, The Factory, San Francisco, California (USA)
7 Mar, Tribal Gathering, Colon (Panama)
17 Mar, Raasta, Delhi (India)
18 Mar, Bonobo, Mumbai (India)
19 Mar, Indie March, Bangalore (India)
20 Mar, Euriska, Pune (India)
23 Mar, Lilliput, Goa (India)
19 April, (w Alex Grey) 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, California (USA)
20 May, Nectar Lounge, Seattle, Washington (USA)
21-22 May, Kinnection campout, Deerfields, North Carolina (USA)
27-29 May, No Man’s Land (England)
6–10 July, Samsara, Siofok Toreki (Hungary) 
16-17 July, Wanderlust, Squaw Valley, California (USA)
20-23 July, Harmonic (France)
25-31july, Mo-Dem, Primislje (Croatia)
13 Aug, Boomtown Festival, (England)
15 Aug, Boom, Idanha A Nova (Portugal)
25-29 Aug, Psy-Fi (Holland)
2 Sept, One Love Festival, Essex (England)
4 Sept, Bologna (Italy)
22-25 Sept, Symbiosis, Oakdale, California (USA)
01-11 Oct, Tour USA + Hawaii
29-30 Oct, Zanpa jam, Okinawa (Japan)
1-10 Nov, Tour Japan



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